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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

100 hundred years of Road Racing on the Isle of Man

"The TT Mountain Circuit is without doubt the greatest challenge any racing motorcyclist can take on Every year some 500+ riders arrive on Mona's Isle to take on the gruelling mountain circuit in either the TT races in June or the Manx Grand Prix races in late August and early September. Most come just to pit there skills against the circuit with no thoughts of ultimate victory but just to gain a finishers award or a coveted replica. It is a dangerous circuit, but they all know the risks. No one is forced to race here, they all come for one reason and one reason only, to pitch themselves against the greatest pure road race circuit of them all, the TT Mountain Circuit, The Road Racing Capital of the World."

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Motorcycle Movies

Here are some links to great recently released motorcycle movies.

One Man's Island.
Worlds Fastest Indian.
Long Way Round.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gift Idea

Want to give a really cool gift this Christmas? The Ducati Monster Motorcycle by Peg Perego is the "street fighter" for children aged 3 and up. Peg Perego, in close cooperation with Ducati, has reproduced a faithful scale model for children of one of Ducati's most successful motorcycles, the Monster. . Features: 12-volt rechargeable battery ensures 1 hour play. Maximum speed of 7.5 mph. Suitable for all terrains and can climb a 10% slope. Accelerator handle and pedal brakes. Features a front working light, rumbling motor and horn sound. Equipped with stabilizers that can be removed when the child becomes familiar with the ride.

Find it here.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Ride Video

Looking for something to record your weekend canyon carving with? One option you have is the The DSR-100. It is the most complete helmet camera and recording system available. The DSR-100 comes with everything required to start making videos of your next motorcycle ride!

Complete Helmet Camera and Digital Recording System
· Record your Ride – Video & Audio!
· Listen to Music – Built-In MP3 Player
· Use as Active Rearview Camera System
· Take Digital Still Pictures

Click here to find out more about the DSR-100.

(video was not recorded with a DSR-100)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ducati's New Superbike

Ducati has always been seen as the motorcycle equivalent of Ferrari. And like Ferrari, its loyal customers called Ducatistis always expect great styling bikes. So when the new 1098 Superbike was released to the press it brought about mix feelings from Ducatistis. The issue in question was not about if the bike looks beautiful, because it is definitely a stunning looking bike and if anyone says otherwise then I think he or she should be locked up in an asylum. The issue was more about the way the 1098 looked like other sportsbike. You see one main reason one would choose a Ducati over any other sportbike was that it look like..... well a Ducati. In my opinion the new Ducati 1098 doesn't look like others sportbike but that other sportbike are looking more like a Ducati. The 1098 a stunning looking bike and i think it still look like a it was made by Ducati. And if i had $25,000 laying around i would get the top of the line 1098 S Tricolore.

Visit to find out more about the 1098.